Clamart, France
British Pop

Musiciens du groupe : Rodney Prosser guitar et voix

je cherche des musiciens. Pour l'instant je joue solo.

Influences : Lou Reed

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Lord Prosser est un véritable ‘’English Lunatic’’ comme Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers et d’autres doux dingues de génie dont seule l’Angleterre a le secret de fabrication. A partir de 2004, Rodney écrit des paroles pour THE BISHOP INVADERS, se fait appeler SHENDYL MOVEDO et monte un show fait de chansons très belles et émouvantes entrecoupées de vannes très drôles mais incompréhensibles pour le public français (remember Kevin COYNE ?). On le croit perdu mais une rencontre avec Stéphane MELLINO relance le bonhomme.. L’ ex NEGRESSES VERTES, enthousiasmé par son talent d’auteur et de chanteur, l’encourage à enregistrer et lui offre des premières parties. De ‘’Spiderman !’’ à ‘’Harry Jones’’, il y a 10 petits trésors d’émotions à fleur de peau d’un type qui fait le clown pour panser des blessures personnelles.




Biography 1982-2012


It all started when Rodney Prosser and schoolfriend Patrick Mildren started Pigment fanzine in 1982 and went on to interview many bands over the following two years. After one interview with Squeeze bass player Harry Kakoulli in his Catford two up two down,  Rodney ended up crashing out on Harry's' sofa only to be awoken by the morning sun reflecting off the "Cool for Cats" gold disc. "I want one of those" he said. Rodney recorded his first demo on a four track in September 1985 in Northfield near Birmingham. It was at this time whilst at Birmingham Art College that he founded a thrash band "Blow by Bronson" who played three gigs(one of which was stopped by the police). Prosser was still working on fanzines and doing electronic music at home on a Wasp synthesizer. He recorded Hip Hop with Fuzz Townshend (pigbros,pwei) and a one single deal was on the cards but EMI changed their minds. He then recorded a funk track in an AC//DC roadie's'studio alongside other thrash/hardcore bands. No deal came of this although UB40's saxophonist liked it.
Then Prosser moved to London and started a band with Patrick Mildren's  brother Sean under the name " Guy Blonde and the Timewasters" this was more rock and roll in style and Patrick ended up replacing him. Rodney became a children's' entertainer and financed three poetry fanzines and worked in a department store and also as a gardener. The following year Prosser started working in The Premises Rehearsal studio with Suede,blur,St Etienne and many others. Prosser managed Suede for a week and got their demo heard by a guy from Sony after going to a party held by Dave from The Glitterband. Blur were just about to get famous and after one of their gigs Prosser saw an advert for a flat. Becoming a tenant in this flat Prosser formed "Orange" with flatmate multi-instrumentalist Charles Bladon. Working for seven months on one of the first Cubase programs "Orange" recorded an album of demos and started recording in Jam Studio right when Primal Scream were recording Screamadelica.


1985 with Wasp synth recorded first demo Both!
1986 played synth in thrash band BLOW BY BRONSON  (demo destroyed in car accident, second gig stopped by police)

1987 Recorded Hip Hop with Fuzz Townshend (PWEI) under name Rodney P almost signed to EMI



1989 recorded  with ORANGE (band) at Jam Studio at same time as Primal Scream for Screamadelica

1990 worked in rehearsal Premises studio London with blur,suede, st etienne,brand new heavies, and many more as clients

1990 sang in  Guy Blonde and the Timewasters (band supported Boy Wonder and Cuban Heels)

1991 managed Suede for one week and helped them to be heard by CBS

1991 created Bubbly Hairdos with Iain Ayres from Curved Air and Sean Mildren



1994 sang with Fake Picassos but never gigged


1997 sang with  Papercage and did around 140 song demos

2000 Bosom Buddies « Identity Bracelet » on compilation Kung Fu Fighting

2001 Shendyl Movedo « Discoteeth » with Nick Simms (Cornershop)Mark Swann  on compilation Future Now  on the radio in France

2002 Vegomatic album « Rock n Roll and the correct use of soap » sang on six songs

2002 Vegomatic single sang « French UP »on  MTV2

2003 The Bishop Invaders « Kylie’s Heroes » (lyricist)
2005 Started Lord Prosser and have played 350 concerts since then
2009 Lord Prosser album « Traces of Yesterday »

2010 Shendyl Movedo two tracks on CD «Who's gonna leave me next?»
 Lord Prosser  two tracks on CD «Who's gonna leave me next?»

2011 Scrub Flower recorded album in Clamart France

gigged on 14 january in Rennes France at MONDO BIZARRO

Recording for new album is underway

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Yeeessss très bon par là......
Le 01-06-2013
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bons titres!

Le 22-05-2012
c top
Le 17-05-2012
Excellent ces deux titres ! Je retrouve bien l'ambiance 70'S et c'est vrai que Kevin Ayers et Syd Barrett, ces deux "Géants", ne sont pas si loin...Bravo et bonne chance dans votre recherche de musiciens !
Le 16-05-2012